What’s your story?


Do you recall the Monty Python sketch ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7tvauOJMHo&feature=share Save the Children did a take on this when the UK was considering its commitment to international aid, if you haven’t seen it please do watch, it conveys a powerful message really creatively https://youtu.be/pMy8rBxRC6I

The ‘what have you ever done for us ‘ was a challenge used at a meeting I was at this week as we reflected on the importance of sharing team stories to try and ‘close the loop’ on the difference that’s made as we collaborate. So much of our work time is spent at meetings (admittedly some more productive than others) it’s useful to reflect on the difference that’s being made, and to capture and share impact. Yet I wonder if this is easier said than done? Are outcomes and impact always so clear? I’m passionate about the benefits of working together to achieve a shared purpose, I’ve seen repeatedly the value of coming together with others to share ideas, work and as a result is encourages and challenges us to think differently and creatively, uncovering shared solutions. Yet changes don’t happen immediately, they can take time.

The organisation that I’m currently working in has ‘clinical boards’, bringing together senior clinical and managerial leaders from across the Trust. For us this means focusing on Children and Young People’s services offered across 3 hospital sites and community services for one of our local boroughs, we have responsibility for making sure that standards are consistent across all our sites and services, setting strategic direction, guiding research and advising on many other areas such as education, role redesign and staff development. We’re currently working on creating ‘our children’s health clinical board story’ and excitingly we’re working across our STP on our shared Children & Young People’s Health and Care Local System story.

I had the pleasure of listening to Dr Nagina Evans ‪@NavinaEvans‬ CEO of East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) who shared her leadership story. She explored the huge benefits and contribution of clinical leadership and the power of us all working together to improving experiences for importantly patients, carers and families, yet along for staff too.

So as I reflect on the week that’s gone, the power of story telling radiates, whether we’re working to improve care, services or experiences let’s keep sharing, tweeting and blogging along with more traditional approaches, it all counts.

My Cavell Nurses Trust #10kforNurses story comes to a close this weekend, Cavell is a charity I connect strongly with. Throughout my career my ‘nursing family’ has meant so much, yet I know many struggle, and often things that go on outside work aren’t shared … that’s why the charity’s logo ‘here for nurses’ means so much to me, like an invisible cloak of support, they are an organisation that envelops nurses and midwives. Its been a joy to run for them in October, I’ve secured quite a medal collection and wonderfully we’ve raised lots for them https://www.justgiving.com/Kath-Evans9 thank you to everyone who’s donated so generously! The awesome ‘We Communities’ have led the way (as always) in mobilising so many of us to play a part in this story.

Author: @kathevans2

I’m a Children’s Nurse who is passionate about improving healthcare and life with people who use services. I love getting out in the countryside or to the seaside to promote my mental health and well-being. On a journey to doing 100 marathons (slowly!) & part of team #NHS1000miles (new members always welcome!) I also love charity shopping, cooking and healthy eating too 😉 Sharing thoughts on a range of things that interest me. Comments, challenge, links to further thinking and research are most welcome. Learning and thinking together is always more fun!

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