My favourite books of 2019

As a child I loved reading and Colette Datt @datt_colette reminded me of this as she challenged me to post the covers of 7 children’s books this week. As an adult fitting reading into life has become more challenging. Whilst I love an absorbing book of fiction I find if I read at night, within a paragraph I’m asleep!

Bill Gates @BillGates shares that he reads around 50 books per year. Reading is, he said, “the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding”. I like this infographic too about why reading is so important …

My daily commute to and from London offers the perfect opportunity to expand my focus on reading with a walk to the train station, tube and sometime bus journeys too. This year I’ve really embraced @audibleuk it’s helped me to ‘read’ more by listening on the move! I often tend to have a book & audio version of the same title!

So these are some of the books I’ve enjoyed so far this year… (sadly no where near as many as Bill tho 😉)

Lift by Melinda Gates @melindagates

‘We are the lift’ says Melinda in the introduction as she shares her life and the journey she’s been on growing philanthropy through the ‘Gates Foundation’ @gatesfoundation. The book reflects on her life and what she’s learnt meeting inspiring people whilst working to change things for the better. Gender equity, empathy and the power of connection are golden threads that drew me in with the powerful narratives shared.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown, @BreneBrown was kindly gifted to me by Lisa Ramsay @Doula_Lisa. I’ve valued Brene’s work for many years, her focus on the power of connection is one that resonates strongly with me, this book focuses on using these principles of connection to lead. Brene offers reassurance that we don’t have to have the right answers; yet we do need to stay curious and ask the right questions. She highlights that we can’t and shouldn’t avoid difficult conversations and situations; that leaning into vulnerability is necessary to ‘do our best work‘. This is a book I repeatedly go back to. I think one of the other draws to Brene is that her husband is a Paediatrician.

How to treat people by Molly Case @mollycasespeaks was published this year. Molly wowed the RCN Congress with ‘Nursing the Nation’
and this book is a wonderful insight into modern nursing it’s highs and its challenges. Molly shares herself with us all freely and her voice is beautiful on the audible version, please do take a listen and share.

The Language of Kindness by Christie Watson @tinysunbird bringing further insight into modern nursing, Christie again shares herself and reflects on the world of children’s nursing and also on her role as a resuscitation Officer. Again Christie’s voice is beautiful to listen to, and her rebellious adolescent self that desperately wanted independence is something I could identify with with.

Trauma Stewardship by Laura van Danoot was recommended Joanne Bosanquet @MrsBosanquet and I suspect this will be a reference text I’ll return to in the years ahead. The care of staff is something we’re constantly challenged by and Laura shares many narratives about the importance of sharing recognising the importance of caring for ourselves and how we role model this to others. Loads of food for thought and examples of people involved in really traumatic situations.

Becoming by Michelle Obama @MichelleObama was the book I started 2019 and it’s great! Michelle shares her childhood and her passion for education that she uses to encourage and support others, particularly girls. I hadn’t realised she’d worked in healthcare community engagement, as well as having a legal background. Michelle again shares the ups and down of living in public eye, yet her commitment to making a difference shines through.

Also on my to read list is ‘Educated’ by Tara Westover suggested by Mary @MaryNewburn1 and The Choice by Edith Egar. I have to admit they are books I’ve found harder to connect with, so are both still being read!

So I’d love to hear from you? Which are the books I should put on my ‘to read’ list for the rest of 2019?

Author: @kathevans2

I’m a Children’s Nurse who is passionate about improving healthcare and life with people who use services. I love getting out in the countryside or to the seaside to promote my mental health and well-being. On a journey to doing 100 marathons (slowly!) & part of team #NHS1000miles (new members always welcome!) I also love charity shopping, cooking and healthy eating too 😉 Sharing thoughts on a range of things that interest me. Comments, challenge, links to further thinking and research are most welcome. Learning and thinking together is always more fun!

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